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About The Natural Health Clinic

Established 1962 over 50 years dedicated to helping people.

At the Natural Health Clinic we have a team of professional therapists who offer a wide range of holistic treatments. These include Massage, Sports massage, Sports injury, Hopi ear candle, Nutrition, Acupuncture, Counselling and Physiotherapy. The clinic has been established for over 40 years. At the clinic we are dedicated to helping people. Our treatment rooms are professionally designed to make you feel comfortable and at ease. We value our clients and aim to help people of all ages, our friendly receptionist will give you a warm welcome.

If you wish to talk to someone or need advice, please call 0161 428 4980 during our opening times. If you leave a message and we will call you back.

We have helped many people with a range of conditions and would like to help you, if we can.

Fran Staton


Fran has worked at the Natural Health Clinic for 35 years. During that time has gained experience in many fields, and is able to bring together all her massage and sports techniques to create a personalised treatment for you.

She is committed to caring and has used her skills to treat many patients, adults and children as well as amateur and professional athletes when she spent 5 years working with Sale Harriers.

She spent a year at Altrincham football club helping to improve mobility and relieve stiffened joints to lessen the risk of injury. She gained the highest level of treatment skills and since then has worked at the clinic.

We all need an MOT to help our overused and overstressed bodies why don't you book an appointment today on 0161 428 4980?


Sports injury/massage treatments are not just for sports people or athletes, they are for people who need general maintenance and rehabilitation to improve mobility and flexibility in all joints. As most people suffer some kind of pain or injury during their life it maybe that a treatment could help you. If you are suffering any of the following symptoms like, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, whip lash,fatigued muscles, tension or stiffness, nerve damage, muscle cramps or spasms.Then call us today on 0161 428 4980 and make an appointment. Your visit to the clinic will last one hour and will include a tailor made consultation and treatment for you.


Do you have tight muscles, tendons or ligaments these could be adhesions that are causing you chronic pain and feel like tight tissue bands under the skin. Adhesions can be painful and leave you with limited movement, sometimes inflammation builds up and can block the circulation. Deep tissue massage can break down adhesions and immediately reduce the pain. Deep pressure is used to work across the muscles to increase the blood flow and improve the circulation and break down adhesions and so reduces pain and restore normal mobility.


Pre and Post massage is generally carried out before and after sports events. The treatment is to warm up the muscles and so improves circulation, helps lymph drainage, also helps to balance the muscles, relieves muscle ache, improves tissue pliability,reduces tension and increases performance and risk of injury. The treatment will speed up recovery and will help you move through daily life with ease. Treatment is a shorter session and generally last (15 to 20 mins)


Maintenance and Rehabilitation treatment is designed to help you recover from injury and restore your physical capabilities. We will advise you on how to cope with pain and provide you with exercises to promote health and fitness. We are dedicated to helping you improve, maintain and restore your strength after injury.

MET (muscle energy technique)

MET is a gentle treatment that can identify restrictions in the muscles and ligaments and is often used by sports massage therapist. It is a form of stretching where the patient is asked to over come some resistance for 5 seconds against the therapist pressure. When a joint has been restricted for a while massage may not be enough to get full range of movement back. MET can treat most joints and restore to normality.
  • Treatment increases flexibility
  • Lengthens shortened muscles
  • Improves range of movement
  • Improves weakened muscles and ligaments